Yes, I am a mystery shopper. I do this because I enjoy it and I have often asked myself why one shop is good and the other bad. And I get to know a lot of new things, because I also visit or contact shops and service providers that I would not visit otherwise. However, I often do not have that much time and then I do it only occasionally.

How does Mystery Shopping work?

But how does it work with Mystery Shopping? I usually learn about projects when I visit the Globis marketplace. You have to register first. There, available jobs in my area are displayed to me first. But I can also look further away when I’m away and want to “get active”. If I like a job offered and I meet the requirements, I apply for it. I always take a close look at the job description so that I am not surprised later.

Unfortunately, I do not always get the jobs I am applying for. Often other mystery shoppers are faster or better suited for the respective job. In the beginning you get rather simple jobs. But if you do them well, you get more orders. You are evaluated after each job. I’m over 90%, which is pretty good.

If I get an approval, I also get more information. Then I see the criteria according to which I have to evaluate my test. And there are more detailed descriptions of what to do and how. But most of the time I am dealing with similar topics and as a mystery shopper you already know what to do: Service and advice are important. It is also important that you let the staff take the action and do not lead the sales conversation into a certain direction.

I always plan the job for the coming days. Sometimes things have to go faster, sometimes you can’ not test at the weekend. I take a close look at the questionnaire and the briefing beforehand and print them out and take them with me. During the test, of course, I can not check them or fill them im openly. Nobody must know that I am performing a test.

During the check you need to remember a lot

When I am off for a mystery check I am a little nervous. But that is not really a problem, because as a mystery shopper I am a completely normal customer. I visit the shop and look around first – like a normal customer. I also pay attention to whether I am addressed and whether the shop is clean and clear. Usually you have to ask for advice if no employee actively asks for it. I only say briefly what I want. The salesman has to do the rest, because he or she wants to sell something and has been trained to do so. As a mystery shopper, I then pay attention to what the salesperson asks and how he or she presents the products and services. It is easy to see whether the salesperson is really interested. I have already done a lot: shoes, clothing, glasses, jewellery, watches, computers, furniture, blinds, washing machines, cars, etc.

At the end of the sales conversation I say that I have to think about it or discuss it with my partner. Sometimes I need to buy something: Something small as a receipt or the even the main product you have been advised about.

Mystery Shoppers do not necessarily buy something

When you buy the product, you often have to return it immediately afterwards. Then the return process can also be checked. This usually goes smoothly, but you often get a voucher instead of the money back. But no matter what happens: As a test buyer, I do not reveal myself. Voucher or goods, that I can not return, I need to send back to Globis. In some cases, I can also keep the products and get the full pay or a share of it as remuneration.

When the job is finished, I fill out the questionnaire as quickly as possible so that my memories are still fresh. Sometimes some comments are required or necessary because something did not go as planned. I take pictures of the purchase receipts and upload them with the questionnaire in the Globis online system.

Sometimes the Globis quality managers ask for some issues. I then explain that briefly. Then the job is usually finished. Then I I can issue my invoice online or calculate my expense allowance. The money is usually transferred when the Globis client has received the results.

And when the job is finished, I have learned a lot again. As a mystery shopper, often something interesting and extraordinary happens. And you look forward to the next job.

If you want to become a mystery shopper at Globis, register here. It’s free of charge.

By the way: If I do not have much to do in between, I take part in surveys at the Globis online system. That does not take long and is fun. I collect points, which I can then redeem for vouchers. Sometimes there are other special jobs like researching websites, open audits or similar jobs. Then the requirements differ from normal mystery shopping, but it is fun, too.