Who would not like to make money from home comfortably and simply? There are a few possibilities that we would like to briefly introduce to you. Most of them can be realized at Globis Survey.

Make money with online surveys

The easiest way to earn money from home is by participating in surveys. You register with the appropriate panels that conduct online surveys. Once registered, you will regularly receive requests to participate in surveys. Or you can check at the platform of the panel provider yourself to see which other surveys are currently running there.

You get paid for participating in online surveys. In most cases, you receive points for participating, which can then be redeemed in vouchers. Sometimes there is also cash paid directly for taking part in surveys.

However, one thing is clear: this is about a nice additional income, but it is limited. If you want to make money above 50 USD per month, you will hardly manage this with the participation in online surveys only.

To participate in our online surveys, you can register here.

The big advantage of online surveys is that you are not obliged to participate and you can answer the surveys when and where you want. For example, on the train or bus, on the way to work or wherever. Or if you are waiting for someone and do not have much else to do.

Additional income from telephone calls

Mystery calls (test calls) or mystery mailings (test mails) can also be carried out from home. On our behalf you call or email certain providers. You will receive instructions and, depending on the level of difficulty, training. However, these tasks are not particularly complicated.

We often handle the calls via a calling software. You log on to our platform on the Internet and can then make calls via the web. There are no connection costs for you. However, you will need a headphone and a microphone.

To make Mystery Calls or Mystery Mails for us, you have to register in our Mystery Shopping Panel.

But you can also make extra money from home by acting as a “normal” telephone agent. We also offer this in some cases. Using the above-mentioned call software, you can call potential customers or research certain offers through telephone calls.

Additional income from research work

Research jobs also belong to the quite simple earnings from home. You may have to search the Internet for given information. Often it is about the evaluation of websites, the verification of prices or the evaluation of offers.

Research jobs: These are offered via our Mystery Shopping Panel.

Research jobs, on the other hand, are not too easy. You have to concentrate on your work and need a certain routine to proceed quickly. Otherwise, the quality will quickly deteriorate. However, you get this routine when you have completed several jobs.