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Do you enjoy giving your opinion on services, products and trends? We are constantly looking for new and reliable participants for our paid surveys online.

How to take part in paid surveys at Globis?

Paid surveys to earn money online

At Globis, there are many paid surveys

You need to fill in the short registration form below. After verifying your e-mail you can access our Marketplace and see, if there are paid surveys available for you to participate. The more data you give us about you, the more surveys you can participate in.  You can complete your profile once you have registered.

In addition, you will receive e-mail-invitations for surveys that might interest you.

Do I get paid for participating?

Yes, you will earn points for each survey you complete. Points can be exchanged into Amazon vouchers which you can use while shopping online.

How many points you can earn with paid surveys online depends on the length of the questionnaire and your activity level. Of course, the more active you are, the faster you get vouchers and can start shopping.

Which prerequisites do I need to take part in paid surveys?

The most important thing is to complete your profile once you have registered. The more details we have, the more surveys you can participate in. You do not need to register again, if you are already registered as a mystery shopper.

Here you can register to get access to our marketplace and receive invitations to participate in surveys: