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Welcome to the mystery shopper panel of Globis Consulting, one of the largest European mystery shopping provider.

Each year we conduct thousands of mystery shops for clients from various industries like fashion, cosmetics, restaurants, hotels, car service, luxury goods, furniture, shoes, food etc.

You can earn from 10 to 50 € (£ 10 to £ 40) per assignment. Assignments for secret shoppers normally take less than an hour (including store visit and fill-in of questionnaire). In case you are a new secret shopper, from time to time we offer entry assignments especially for new secret shoppers as training assignments. These jobs normally have a lower remuneration.

How can I become a secret shopper with Globis?

Secret Shoppers

Interesting tasks for secret shoppers

You register through the form below, so that we understand what your experience is and what you like. Based on this information, we can suggest shops to you that might be of interested. Once you registered, you can check our marketplace for open assignments in your city or region. You can directly apply for these shop-assignments. We also inform you via e-mail on new tasks. However, not to send you mails every day, most of the secret-shopper-assignments are posted on the marketplace first without e-mail-notification.


Your registration is absolutely free and you are free to accept job offers as you like. There is no obligation for you to accept offers but of course, the more jobs you accept the more jobs we will offer you. And in any case: A very good quality standard is essential for any assignment you do.


For your registration as a secret shopper / mystery shopper you need a maximum of 3 minutes. We use your data only to suggest you appropriate assignments.